Smith works intuitively in clay. Her open forms gently hold space. Fluid glazes break over carved surfaces, referencing pooling, freezing and thawing. Her palate choice runs cool with slight touches of warmth. She generously exposes the porcelain body. 

Figurative cups are composites made up of two dimensional drawings, three dimensional forms and implied space. 

both Artist and Mother

Kate Fisher began a project in 2013 titled Both Artist and Mother. She surveyed, interviewed and documented a cross section of ceramic artists who are also mothers. In an effort to examine how children impact an artist's work, Kate asked questions about studio practice, time management, balance and aesthetics. Original interviews, as well as Artist/Mom of the Month can be found at Both Artist and Mother. Look for an Exhibition at Red Lodge Clay Center October 2017.

The artist in the studio with her daughter.

collaboration with Simon Levin

Collaborations in the art world are not uncommon, even in the clay world where a stage of creation is often handed to another artist. In these collaborations one artist might specialize in form while the other decorates. We rarely see pottery that makes room for a piece made by another artist, both pieces acknowledging and formally interacting with the other. Over the past couple years Lincoln, NE artist Amy Smith and Gresham, WI artist Simon Levin have been working individually in their studios, but jointly in concept. Shipping work back and forth, they design pieces that are compelling and articulate, that remain independent, yet enhance each other, creating a whole that is greater.

Stream Bed 2012 cup and stand. cup by Amy Smith stand by Simon Levin

2017 cup and stand. cup by Simon Levin stand by Amy Smith


"Emulsion is the culmination of a three year collaboration between Amy Smith and Simon Levin. Across states, these potters collaborated in a unique way through the coupling of independently completed work...Emulsion is an exhibition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Eisentrager-Howard Gallery."

Heather Davis, Ceramics: Art and Perception Issue #99 Review of “Emulsion"


“I can’t recall seeing any similar collaboration in ceramics, which makes “Emulsion” of even more interest. Smith and Levin found a way not only to effectively combine their contrasting styles, techniques and material, but also create dynamic, resonant pieces that would be diminished if one part was separated from the other.”

L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star review of “Emulsion”   

2015 bowl with trivet. bowl by Amy Smith trivet by Simon Levin

2015 bowl with trivet. bowl by Amy Smith trivet by Simon Levin


March 10-April 30, 2017

Emily Galusha Gallery I Northern Clay Center

Estuary, an exhibition of work by Simon Levin (Gresham, WI) and Amy Smith (Lincoln, NE),  is an evolved dialogue of formal elements that explore ideas and properties of water. Making work from their separate studio, but in conversation through an exchange of work over the years, they've collaboratively paired select pieces for the exhibition. The title Estuary is derived from the Hudson River in New York State. One of its many names, Mahicantuck, means "great waters in constant motion," or more loosely translated, "river that flows two ways." Estuary visualizes the graceful meeting of two individual artists.