Smith works intuitively in clay. Her open forms gently hold space. Fluid glazes break over carved surfaces, referencing pooling, freezing and thawing. Her palate runs cool with slight touches of warmth. She generously exposes the porcelain body. 

Figurative cups are composites made up of two dimensional drawings, three dimensional forms and implied space.

both Artist and Mother

Kate Fisher began a project in 2013 titled: Both Artist and Mother. She surveyed, interviewed and documented a cross section of ceramic artists who are also mothers. In an effort to examine how children impact an artist's work, Kate asked questions about studio practice, time management, balance and aesthetics. Original interviews, as well as Artist/Mom of the Month can be found at Both Artist and Mother.

Smith in the studio with her daughter

collaboration with Simon Levin

Amy Smith and Simon Levin collaborate in a unique way, they ship finished, fired work back and forth and respond to what they receive. By pairing finished work, their individual pieces are enhanced, creating a whole that is greater.

2017 Trivet with bowl


Eisentrager-Howard Gallery I University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I can’t recall seeing any similar collaboration in ceramics, which makes “Emulsion” of even more interest. Smith and Levin found a way not only to effectively combine their contrasting styles, techniques and material, but also create dynamic, resonant pieces that would be diminished if one part was separated from the other.”

L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star review of “Emulsion”   


Emily Galusha Gallery I Northern Clay Center

Estuary, an exhibition of work by Smith and Levin is an evolved dialogue of formal elements that explore ideas and properties of water. Making work from their separate studios, but in conversation through an exchange of work over the years, they've collaboratively paired select pieces for the exhibition. Estuary visualizes the graceful meeting of two individual artists.

2017 Estuary: Simon Levin and Amy Smith

2017 Estuary: Simon Levin and Amy Smith